Our Mission is to deliver a Premium Line of Industrial and Consumer Products, Proven, and go above and beyond all others in the Marketplace today. Treatments and applications on lubrication, protection, cleaning, better for the environment, while providing superior sustainability and reliability in the most demanding environments.



Arrow Blast Penetrating Spray

K-100 Fuel Treatment

WearGone Lubricants 

At BS Industrial Marketing, we are proud to provide superior Industrial Treatments, Lubricants, and Sprays.  We are committed to delivering all products that exhibit flawless performance especially in the Most Extreme Applications and Conditions.  Our products are manufactured in the USA, Tested and Proven to ensure the highest quality of standards.  This allows us to provide the industry with USA Made Products, Treatments, Lubricants with unlimited production capabilities. Most of our products, treatments, and lubricants range in package sizes;from 8 oz. bottles to 275 gallon totes.


Arrow Blast Penetrating Spray is in line with a couple of competitors out there in the marketplace today. It’s back by popular demand for those “Dye Hards” that love a quick fix when working on cars or any application involving metals bonded by rust and corrosion. It’s made in the USA, not Eco friendly as all the other products we carry, but for a quick fix when you're in a jam this is nice to have on hand.


K-100 Fuel Treatment is an All In One, Proven, Bio Based Chemistry to 100% rid your fueling system of Water. Formulas for Gasoline and Diesel powered systems. K-100 refreshens old fuel and then Stabilizes fuel for another 2 years. K-100 also Cleans, Lubricates, Octane/Cetane boost, Reduces emissions up to 90%, Prevents/stops Microbial Growth and Algae build up, dissolves all gums and varnishes, dissolves sludge and slime, Anti-Gel, and won’t freeze in winter.  K-100 is the only treatment on the marketplace today that can handle all your fueling issues and needs year round. K-100 also treats Home Heating Oil, Off-Road and Red Dye Fuels. 


BS Industrial Lubricants and Treatments are utilized throughout some and all industries, especially Automotive, Fire and Safety, Industrial, Marine, Mining, Energy, Drilling, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction and Agriculture industries.  They can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with other fluids. The biodegradable properties of some of our products make them the BEST CHOICE for the environments we face.


We at B & S Industrial Marketing always want to Thank You for your Continued Business and Interest in what we do! We Strive to get Our Customers the Best Products in all aspects of Their and the World's Needs. We ensure the Knowledge and Step By Step insight on our products. We Personally Test and Research each and every product. Demanding TRUE FACT RESULTS! We work closely in developed relationship with our Manufacturer/ Inventors and alongside customers when trying products for the first time. We want Our Customers to have the CONFIDENCE along with the Knowledge to know we have produced to them, the finest products out in the marketplace today!  That’s NO BS!